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Who is the real Sophie Cachia?

Sophie Cachia is a well-known and influential Presenter, Business Woman, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing expert, and Sports Journalist in Australia. Far exceeding her commonly referred to title of an ‘influencer’ – Sophie stands today as the CEO of multimedia company SHAW MEDIA, business partner & director in BODA Hair Boutique and most famously known as the Co-Founder and Business Owner of multi-million dollar sleepwear company CACHIA. Driven to be the absolute best in all of her endeavours, Sophie’s breadth of experience, combined with a tenacious desire to learn, grow and deliver, has been a proven recipe for success time and time again across a multitude of arenas. From volunteering in sports media at a very young age, through to co-founding the premium brand CACHIA in 2017; to her multi-year ambassadorial role with CYGNETT, and to her presenting and reporting work with the UFC and NBL in 2019/2020, Sophie’s multi-faceted talents extend well beyond a single field of expertise.   A self-made success story, Sophie has built and grown a strong presence in the world of social media since debuting in 2013, achieved through a next-level work ethic, her unrelenting commitment to excellence as well as her business brain – which knows what consumers want and exactly how they want to receive it. A trailblazer in the digital marketing space, Sophie has helped lead the way for thousands of entrepreneurial women seeking to create their own path in life too. Sophie has a strong desire for making ‘real’ human connections, and with an enigmatic and engaging personality, and with her relatable, open and dynamic disposition, she has the skills and flexibility to adapt to any situation.  Being extremely comfortable in front of the camera, Sophie has established herself as a natural talent who exudes charisma, and engages both the interviewee, and most importantly the viewer, with her warm, down-to-earth style.   Focused on empowering and inspiring the next generation of business women, entrepreneurs and athletes, Sophie’s inclusive, hand-in-hand approach to work and life –  and a positive mindset and a “create the life you want” credo –  Sophie aims to blaze a trail for women of tomorrow. Every decision made by Sophie is with her children – Bobby 7 and Florence 4 – at the forefront of her mind and just how they can seek inspiration from their mother during their own life experiences.
This is Sophie Cachia.

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